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365 Day Photo Project

A year long photo project is something I have always wanted to do but I could never figure out exactly how I would accomplish it. I had these grand ideas of shooting elaborate images that would take time to photograph as well as time to edit. Because I couldn't streamline my process I knew I would never be able to accomplish the goal of a year long project.

Recently I have figured out my style and "voice" and this has given me a whole new prospective on my work. After some soul searching I came to the realization that I wanted every one of my still images to feel like they were a frame from a movie. Once I discovered this it was easy to make the decision to crop my images to my favorite film aspect ratio of 2.35:1, otherwise known as Cinemascope. I love the cinemascope aesthetic for my films and I have found a way to efficiently shoot my photographs in this aspect ratio. If you're into this kind of thing check out the project on my Instagram and tell me which image(s) is your favorite. Hopefully in a year I can come back to this blog and tell you all the things I have learned. Come follow my 365 day photo adventure project on Instagram here!


Here are a few shots from the past few days (i started the project a few days early).

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